Paleontology – the science of prehistoric life – is a prevailing subject, now more than ever. Paleontologists study the evolutionary history of organisms and, together with geologists, the history of our entire planet. Paleontology is the key to understanding the processes controlling the climate and life on Earth.

The Paläontologische Gesellschaft encourages research and scientific communication, acts as an intermediary between research and public interest and maintains international networks. Paleontology is a modern science making important contributions, especially in current discussions on climate:

With over 1000 members, our society is one of the largest associations of scientists, collectors, students, patrons of science and culture, and persons with a common interest in this field. The Paläontologische Gesellschaft is internationally oriented. Our journal, the Paläontologische Zeitschrift, is our most important medium of publication and is of international interest.

Our corresponding members from around the world promote scientific exchange and international networking with other societies.

We are especially proud of our many student members, who have the opportunity to partake in scientific meetings, excursions and study groups early in their career to help gain experience in scientific communication.

Please join us in this fascinating world of prehistory. We would be glad to get in touch with you!


Paläontologische Gesellschaft e.V.
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