PhD-student position in Quaternary ecology / Palaeoecology, Bern

The lnstitute of Geological Sciences in collaboration with the lnstitute of Plant Sciences and Oeschger Centre for Climate Change, University of Bern, invites applications for a PhD-student position in the field of Quaternary ecology / Palaeoecology, starting from January 1st, 2018 (later start is also possible) and funded through the Swiss National Science Foundation for a total of four years.

One major scope of the thesis lies in the dating of Quaternary sediments in the Swiss Plateau using pollen and other micorofossils. The palynological data will be used to reconstruct the interglacial vegetation, fire and environmental histories at different sites within the Swiss Plateau. lnterpretations of paleobotanical results (e.g. reconstruction of vegetation histories, biostratigraphic comparisons) will be supported by an interdisciplinary team of plant palaeoecologists (Prof. W. Tinner) and geologists (Prof F. Schlunegger, both UniBern). Successful candidates have a strong flair in Quaternary ecology / Palaeoecology, with expertise in palynology, palaeolimnology, palaeoclimatology, sedimentology, plant ecology and/or environmental sciences.

Deadline for the application is 7 December 2017.

More information can be downloaded here.


PhD candidate with interests in marine palaeobiology, FAU Erlangen

We offer a PhD position for a motivated and creative PhD candidate who wants to work at the forefront of palaeobiology integrating fossil data analyses and modelling approaches. The position is available from March 2018 for three years with salary defined according to the German E13/2 TV-L scale.

The PhD candidate will be fully integrated in the successful and vivid research team of the Section Palaeontology at the GeoZentrum Nordbayern. Research in the sections aims at understanding global change dynamics and the evolution of ecosystems on long temporal scales. We welcome a new PhD candidate with general interests in marine palaeobiology who is open to develop his/her project interacting with us. A possible research topic might relate to exploring intrinsic limits of diversification and/or the stability of macroecological patterns through deep time. Own project ideas are welcome. Applicants should hold a M.Sc. in palaeobiology or a related field. The successful candidate should have scientific writing skills and knowledge of advanced statistical methods and programming in R. Experience in analyses and mining of large fossil databases is required.

Deadline for the application is 20th December 2017.

More information can be downloaded here.

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