First Circular of the Taphos meeting in Vienna 14 - 17th September 2017

Every few years the International Meeting on Taphonomy and Fossilization brings together palaeontologists, archaeologists, biologists and sedimentologists as well as other researchers interested in all of aspects of taphonomy, the study of decay and fossilization of organisms.

Previous Taphos meetings have been held in Madrid 1990, Zaragoza 1995, Valencia 2002, Barcelona 2005, Granada 2008, Tübingen 2011 and Ferrara 2014.

The upcoming conference will take place at the University of Vienna (Geocenter, UZA II building). Vienna is the capital of Austria and located in the heart of Europe. It can easily be reached from almost all parts of the world and is famous for its culture and friendly atmosphere.

Contributions to all aspects of taphonomy and across the tree of life are welcome and may include biostratinomy, fossil diagenesis, taphofacies, exceptional preservation and fossil lagerstätten, taphonomy and sequence stratigraphy, microbial taphonomy, archaeology, prehistory, ichnology, historical ecology and conservation paleobiology. 

Download first circular here

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