Corresponding members (listed by first year)


2018Prof. Dr. Xing-liang Zhang (Xi’an/PR China)
2017Prof. Dr. Yong-dong Wang (Nanjing/PR China)
2015Dr. habil. Andrzej Kaim (Warsaw/Poland)
Dr. Dr. h.c. Hans Hess (Basel/Switzerland) † 2017
2014Prof Dr. Stjepko Golubic, (Boston, Mass./USA)
2013Prof. Dr. Zhe-Xi Luo (Chicago, Ill./USA)
2011Prof. Dr. Werner E. Piller (Graz/Austria)
2010Prof. Dr. Phillip D. Gingerich (Ann Abor, Mich./USA)
Prof. Dr. Euan N. K. Clarkson (Edinburgh/Great Britain)
2009Prof. Dr. Else Marie Friis (Stockholm/Sweden)
Prof. Dr. David Bruton (Oslo/Norway)
2008Prof. Dr. Derek E. G. Briggs (New Haven, Conn./USA)
2007Prof. Dr. Kenneth D. Rose (Baltimore, Md./USA)
2005Dr. Andrew B. Smith (London/Great Britain)
2004Prof. Dr. William A. Clemens (Berkeley, Calif./USA)
2003Prof. Dr. Patrick De Deckker (Canberra/Australia)
2002Prof. Dr. Lukas Hottinger (Basel/Switzerland) † 2011
2001Prof. Dr. Oldřich Fejfar (Prague/Czech Republic)
2000Prof. Dr. Jean-Claude Gall (Strasbourg/France)
1999Prof. Dr. Antonietta Cherchi (Cagliari/Italy)
1988Prof. Dr. Preston Cloud (Santa Barbara, Calif./USA) † 1991
1986Prof. Dr. Vladimír Pokorný (Prague/Czech Republic) † 1989
1985Prof. Dr. Wladimir W. Menner (Moscow/USSR) † 1989
1984Prof. Dr. Raphaël Conil (Leuven/Belgium) † 1990
1964Prof. Dr. Roman F. Hecker (Moscow/USSR) † 1991
Prof. Dr. Ivan Rakovec (Ljubljana/Yugoslavia) † 1985
1963Prof. Dr. Adolf Remane (Kiel/Germany) † 1976
1926Alexei N. Sewertzoff (Moskau/USSR) † 1936
Max W. C. Weber (Eerbeek/Netherlands) † 1937
Arthur Smith Woodward (London/Great Britain) † 1944


                                                                         compiled/revised by M. Reich, 09/2018


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