Mammoth badge


The Mammoth bagde is a special award of the Paläontologische Gesellschaft. It was only presented once, to Rudolf Richter, the founder of the field of Actualistic paleontology.

With the golden Mammoth badge, a special distinction is awarded for the scientific work of a renowned and internationally relevant paleontologist.

Rudolf Richter

Rudolf Richter (1881 bis 1957) was managing director of the Senckenbergische Naturforschende Gesellschaft and of the Natur-Museum Senckenberg since 1932 . He headed the Geological Institute until 1952, but remained at the head of the geological-paleontological department until his death in 1957.

Rudolf Richter's contributions were already so vast in his younger years that the Mammoth badge awarded to him in 1951 was a long overdue appreciation by the Paläontologische Gesellschaft. With his own studies and those conducted by his scientists in the Wadden Sea, he accomplished pioneering contributions to our understanding of geological processes and the causes for embedding, fossil preservation, and environmental reconstructions, which play such an important role in paleontology. With his research on Devonian corals, trilobites and many other invertebrates, he established contructional and functional-morphological approaches. With this, he paved the way for paleontology to be more than morphological description and systematics, to understand fossils in their life habitats and modes of life.

Awardee of our golden Mammoth badge

1951Prof. Dr. Rudolf Richter † 1957


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