Otto Jaekel Medal


The Paläontologische Gesellschaft, founded in 1912, is one of the oldest active paleontological societies worldwide.

Its founder and first president (1912-1921) was the German paleontologist Otto Jaekel (1863-1929). He was one of the most versatile paleontologists of his time and worked primarily on fossil fish, reptiles and echinoderms, not to forget his systematic excavations of fossil placoderms in Bad Wildungen (1900-1912) and of dinosaurs in Halberstadt (1910-1927).

Otto Jaekel is known as the main advocate of paleontology as an independent discipline, wherefore he propagated a closer tie to the biosciences and the establishment of paleontological professorships in Prussia since 1894.

Early in 2013, the board decided to create and introduce a medal as the highest award of our society next to an honorary membership.

First awardee

First awardee (09/2013) - Adolf Seilacher (1925-2014). To our long-standing honorary member (1995), former president (1977-1979), and doyen of innovative paleobiological research in Germany.

Second awardee

Second awardee (09/2013) - Paleontological Society of China. In remembrance of the former (and future) cooperation between German and Chinese paleontologists, including Otto Jaekel, who taught at Sun Yat-sen University in Canton (Guangzhou) from 1928 until his death.




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