Members of the advisory board for the Paleosynthesis project have been elected.

Dear members of the German paleontological community, dear colleagues,
We are pleased to present the elected members of our Advisory Board. Our thanks go to the colleagues that candidated and to all participants in the election.
We have a good mix of early career and more experienced scientists and an even gender balance.
The Advisory Board contains following members:
Principle Investigator: Prof. Wolfgang Kiessling (FAU)
Elected peers: Dr. Kenneth deBaets (FAU), Prof. Michael J. Benton (University of Bristol, UK), Dr Melanie J. Hopkins (AMNH New York, USA), Dr Emilia Jarochowska (FAU), Prof. Christian Klug (University of Zurich, Switzerland), Prof. Lee Hsiang Liow NHM & University of Oslo, Norway), Prof. Erin E. Saupe (University of Oxford, UK)
Best wishes,
Barbara Seuss and Wolfgang Kiessling
Further information: www.paleosynthesis.de




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