Doctoral position: Virtual palaeontology of Chengjiang arthropods, Bavarian State Collection of Zoology

We are seeking a PhD student to take part in the investigation of early arthropod fossils from the early Cambrian Chengjiang Lagerstätte using various imaging techniques. The project is funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG) in the framework of a joint Sino-German NSFC-DFG research project.

Around 250 fossil species have been reported from the Chengjiang Lagerstätte. Most of them are exceptionally well preserved arthropods. This precious fossil material provides a unique window to understand the origin and early evolution of this group of animals. The phylogenetic positions of many Chengjiang species, however, are under debate. The main reason is that the morphologies of those early representatives have not been examined in greater detail using various visualisation techniques. In our joint Sino-German research project, advanced imaging techniques such as micro-CT, fluorescence microscopy and low-vacuum scanning electron microscopy will be applied to extract the most information and to visualise the animals' morphologies in a 3D manner. This project will bring together arthropod specialists from both countries in a joint research effort.

The prospective PhD student should be a dedicated “image-maker”, preferably with experience in various imaging techniques and computerized image analyses, volume exploration and 3D-reconstruction using programs like VG Studio, Drishti, OsiriX, Blender, Amira and alike. The applicant does not necessarily need to have experience with all the imaging methods but is expected to gain expertise early in the course of the project. The results of the project are expected to be presented regularly at national and international conferences by the prospective PhD student as well as published in peer-reviewed journals.

We offer: DFG-funded PhD position (65%) for 36 months; interdisciplinary research project and working environment; modern imaging equipment (macro- and microscopic).

We expect: MSc (or equivalent) in Zoology/Biology or Palaeobiology; good English communication skills (oral and written); ability to work in teams; high motivation; keen interest in zoological evolutionary questions and life of the past.

 The position is limited to 36 months with a presumed starting date of May 01, 2019.

Application deadline is March 15th, 2009.

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Visiting Professor at the Faculty of Earth Sciences, Geography and Astronomy, University of Vienna

We are looking for a visiting professor for the Faculty's key research areas ENVIRONMENT or ANTHROPOSPHERE.
The Ida Pfeiffer Professorship of the Faculty of Earth Sciences, Geography and Astronomy supports the mission of the Faculty to research on the sustainability of planet Earth. We are looking for a top scientist that can trigger exciting insights and act as a catalyser for the diverse research topics of the Faculty. The visiting professor will have access to The Faculty's state-of-the-art facilities and will be associated with our third mission activities ("Faculty for Exploration"). We are "The Faculty for Exploration", and regard exploration as a scientific adventure. With 5 Bachelor's programs, 10 Master's programs and Doctoral studies in 6 fields we are hosting 3,500 students. Our 28 professorships contribute to four key research areas: COSMOS, EARTH, ENVIRONMENT, ANTHROPOSPHERE. 

Duration of employment: 6 month/s
Extent of Employment: 40 hours/week
Job grading in accordance with collective bargaining agreement: Univ Prof. (KV) Gastprof. with relevant work experience determining the assignment to a particular salary grade.
Job Description: 
We are looking for a visiting professor for our key research areas ENVIRONMENT or ANTHROPOSPHERE to contribute valuably in research and teaching (including independent teaching of courses as defined by the collective agreement / supervision of students)

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Professor/Associate Professor in Palaeontology at UiT The Arctic University of Norway

Tromsø University Museum, UiT The Arctic University of Norway, has a permanent position vacant as Professor/Associate professor in Palaeontology. The position is attached to the Department of Natural Sciences.

The position’s field of research/field of work

Northern Norway is well known for its Precambrian - Cambrian deposits including major glaciation cycles, but applications are also welcome from all other areas of palaeontology. The successful applicant is expected to carry out research within the University Museum’s targeted geographical area and within one or more of the fields of systematics, paleogeography, palaeodiversity, palaeoclimatology and palaeoecology.

The position’s duties include research and research-based activities, collection management, dissemination and some administration. We also encourage the teaching and supervision of Master and PhD students. This position will include responsibility and curation activity within large parts of the geological collections, both within and outside the research field of the person to be holding the post.

The successful candidate is expected to participate actively in a broad range of museum outreach activities, such as public communications, media interactions and exhibitions. The appointee is furthermore expected to collaborate and seek collaboration within the institution as well as nationally and internationally. She/he is expected to be active in applying for external research funding.

Qualification requirements

The successful candidate is internationally recognized within the field, with scientific merits beyond doctoral level. Research experience within palaeontological research. Experience in museum work, especially scientific collections, is a further asset. A successful track record in applying for external funding and/or a high potential for external funding will be given emphasis when evaluating applicants. Personal suitability will also be evaluated.

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