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At the Geo Bremen 2017, the RG Early Life will chair a session "Going deep: Tracking life processes through time and space".

The second circular is now available.

Call for abstracts open from March, 15th, to June, 15th.

Geological and biological processes have been inherently linked throughout Earth’s history. This permanent interaction has been the driver for most key-developments in the history of life. Despite this meaning, however, the co-evolution of life and Earth during critical intervals is still only poorly constrained. This is partly due to the fact that research activities are commonly rather discipline- than problem-specific, making a holistic discussion of crucial developments complicated. 

The research group “Early Life“ will provide a platform for the interdisciplinary discussion of any topic related to the co-evolution of life and Earth through time. Focus areas include the reconstruction of Hadean-Archean life processes, the Neoproterozoic-Cambrian diversification of complex life (metazoans, metaphytes), as well as critical intervals in the Phanerozoic (e.g. the Permian-Triassic boundary). Comments, suggestions and proposals for further topics are welcome at any time. 

Anyone interested in joining the research committee „Early Life“ should contact Jan-Peter Duda (jduda@gwdg.de) and/or Joachim Reitner (jreitne@gwdg.de).


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